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Hey, I’m Claudia and this is Translate Your Taste!

I’m an experienced and highly qualified freelance translator specialized in the wine sector. I’ve been translating full-time since 2011 from Italian into English and vice-versa, basically since I took the Master’s Degree in Translation, but I confess I love writing and translating since I was a very little girl.

In 2007 I took the professional degree as a sommelier and then the Master too at the FIS (Fondazione Italiana Sommelier) and, from then my journey and passion for wine begun and grew even more. Little by little this passion became also a job as I collaborated with American wine magazines, big Italian wine associations, consorzios and important wineries.

I translate your taste, everything that suits the market target most, always using the most accurate and interactive niche language, paying much attention to brand-positioning putting them on top of search engine rankings in order to be always more visible and competitive.


  • Full-time translator since 2011;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Traslation Studies (English and Spanish);
  • Professional Sommelier Diploma and Mater (Federazione Italiana Sommelier, Roma);
  • Certified experience in in the wine world with a constantly updated and subject-specific glossary and in-depth knowledge of wine terminology;
  • Creative and persuasive writing skills for marketing;
  • A constantly updated subject-specific glossary and in-depth knowledge of food & wine terminology;
  •  Creative and effective communication, focused on marketing and brand-positioning;
  • Participation to wine fairs and events for updates on new trends and technologies
  • Respect of deadlines and reliability